Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tinklenberg's Dayton work

From the Champlin-Dayton Press: 2/28/07.


In other matters, the council supported special legislation for a Transportation Improvement TIF District for the proposed Stone's Throw development.

While the development is located in Hassan, due to the recently formed joint powers agreement for the Brockton/I-94 Interchange project, all decisions are to be approved by both communities.

Hassan Town Board is expected to give its approval during a special meeting tonight, Thursday, March 1. The Tinklenberg Group would lead the next step as it represents the project to federal legislators.

Elwyn Tinklenberg has meetings scheduled next week in Washington, D.C., with U.S. Reps. Oberstar and Ramstad to garner support for the TIF, which will be presented to the House and Senate Tax Committees. If approved, the TIF money - which is the monetary difference between the current property tax rate and the new rate with the new development - will be invested into funding an interchange on I-94 at Brockton Road.

City administrator Sam Orduno indicated that Otsego has passed a resolution supporting an interchange at this location.

The I-94 Chamber of Commerce supports the interchange also and is working to harvest letters of support for the project from businesses from the outlying communities.

(Emphasis added)

I have not found how much they were paid for this project as of yet, but will soon!

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