Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why is this important?

Why expose Elwyn Tinklenberg's lobbying past?

It's much deeper than simply talking about his lobbying work. It calls into question his integrity.

Once confronted about his lobbying record 2 months ago, Tinklenberg has engaged in a campaign of Dodgeball like proportions.

Dodge, Dip, Duck and Dive!

His recent excuses fall short.

How can we trust a guy, running for Congress, who could not even file the proper paperwork to be a legally registered federal lobbyist?

In his response to the inquiry, posted at the SC Times, Wodele made this seem like an insignificant issue.

Since when is trust in our elected officials an insignificant issue?

We've got a Congressional candidate, who should be registered as a federal transportation lobbyist, owns a transportation group, and wants to be on the transportation committee.

Conflict of interest anyone? Regardless if he decides to suspend his transportation business, people across the district have some real concerns over this.

I do not beleive Tinklenberg is in this for us. I hate saying that, but my gut tells me that. Tinklenberg has a million dollar Rolodex right now. He's looking to make it a fifty million dollar Rolodex.

So, he's a lobbyist and not a lobbyist?

Pro-life and pro-choice?

Pro-DOMA and anti-DOMA?

For war in Iraq and against war in Iraq?

How do you think Albertville, Elk River, Dayton, East Bethel, Anoka, Ramsey, and all these other cities that were duped by Tinklenberg, will react to the news that he actually is not, and was not, registered to lobby for them in Washington.

How will he regain the trust of the general public in these communities?

Wow, and we're the one's being "unfair"?

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