Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wayback machine: Tinklenberg's 2006 "endorsement" letter

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me...

Checks and Balances covered the madness in 2006.

After the Wetterling event, Elwyn Tinklenberg (D) held his own press conference. While we did not remain on site for his response we learned he released a letter, claiming endorsement from the four Democratic members of the Minnesota Congressional delegation (Congressmen Jim Oberstar, Martin Sabo, Colin Peterson and BettyMcCollum). We understand that this letter was originally circulated in mid-November, well before Tinklenberg had a challenger in the race. It is our understanding the original intent was for this to be an introductory letter for Tinklenberg and not an endorsement letter. Conveniently the date of the letter was not included in its release to the news media.

We contacted both Martin Sabo and Betty McCollum's offices and have been told on no uncertain terms that neither Sabo or McCollum considered their support to be an endorsement, but rather strictly the type of letter they would sign for pretty much any unopposed Democratic Congressional candidate.

Who distributed the so called "endorsement" letter? John Wodele.

Llyodletta opined back in 2006 that this was a show of Tinklenberg's character and that he should apologize to Sabo and McCollum.

Tinklenberg 2008, aka Version 2.0, is far worse than the 2006, 1.0 version.

Version 1.0 could claim these as mistakes made by an inaugural Congressional Campaign. We can forgive mistakes, even if the group claimed no mistake in 2006.

But to continue to make these mistakes in 2008 leads me to believe that this is a much bigger problem.

Elwyn Tinklenberg simply has a problem telling to truth. For a former Methodist Minister, this is a problem. For a 2 time Congressional candidate, this is a glaring fault, that will certainly be exploited by his opponent.

Deceit about his lobbying ties.

Stretching the truth about endorsements, again.

Inconsistent positions on gun control, choice, marriage equality, Iraq, and whether he will abide by the DFL endorsement, make him extremely vulnerable in the general election.

Pointing out and discussing these flaws has been tough on a lot of people. Going against the Tinklenberg machine has cost many of us our political futures, or so we've been told.

DC Watchdog Groups have concern for Tinklenberg's lobbying past. These are the experts. They are applauded when they go after the Jack Abramoff's, Tom DeLay's, and Duke Cunningham's, ignored when they look into the history of a "Democrat".

It's this kind of hypocrisy that kills the integrity of our party.

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TwoPutt said...

Well, Blueman, it's now Friday - and Representative Peterson's office still has not confirmed Rep. Peterson's "endorsement" of Tinklenberg.

Nor has Tinklenberg's campaign manager provided written confirmation of Rep. Peterson's "endorsement", despite her promise to do so.

The more things change, the more they stay the same....