Friday, March 07, 2008

Bob Olson's message to the delegates

Spent a bit of time talking to Bob Olson about the campaign and offered to post a You Tube for him.

Olson expressed great concern over the lack of debates in the 6th CD. When you compare and contrast what's happening in CD 3, who have had nearly 20 debates and forums, you can understand the concern. (There has only been on debate/forum).

I know students at St Johns/ St Bens attempted to put together something but from what I understand, no dates would work out for Tinklenberg.

With Senate District and County Unit conventions looming in the very near future, Olson wanted a way to "get the word out" to delegates.

Check it out!

In my opinion, his most powerful statements start right around the 5 minute mark, as he begins his close.

Check it out!

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