Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bonoff drilled for Madia hit piece

Woke up this morning to a post at Minnesota Campaign Report on Terri Bonoff's latest campaign mis-step.

Again let me reiterate: I like Terri Bonoff as a legislator, as a leader, and as a person. But this kind of junk has no place in this congressional race. It doesn't serve the district, it doesn't serve the DFL, and it sure as hell doesn't serve Minnesota to pull Clintonian win-at-all-costs-damn-the-consequences tactics out of the holster at this point in the campaign.

Gavin Sullivan has the letter Bonoff sent out.

On April 12, Terri Bonoff is going to lose. To complicate affairs, your candidate is determined not to lose gracefully. In a bizarre effort to inflict the maximum possible damage upon her own reputation--and yours--Sen. Bonoff has gone 'hard negative' against Ashwin Madia. As people who have hitched your own reputational wagon to Terri Bonoff's backward-looking, negative, increasingly desperate campaign, I ask you to read her disgraceful letter in full.

I've read it and it's pretty damning.

It's too bad. I like Senator Bonoff. She'd be a great candidate in the 6th! Unfortunately for her, she's running against a movement. Madia is creating a movement in the 3rd and there is little Bonoff can do to stem that tide.

In talking to others about the races in the 3rd and the 6th, I have the feeling that progressives will flock to the 3rd and 2nd to work for Madia and Sarvi. That's probably what Blueman will do, since I have been told time and time again that my "time as a Democrat is over."


TwoPutt said...

Does Team Bonoff really think it can pull an endorsement out, at the Convention?

I don't.

Does that mean that the goal for Team Bonoff is a "No Endorsement" and a primary?

West Metro Dem said...

Heard from the Rules Committee at CD3 Convention - Rule is fixed so that it requires 60% to vote no endorsement that would go to a primary. If Bonoff can't get 60% for an endorsement, she sure as hell won't get 60% to vote for her to go to a primary. She's suffering from some serious delusions.