Friday, March 14, 2008

Bonoff poll indicates Madia can win CD 3!

Bonoff's crew published a poll in which Terri beats Paulsen 44-40 and Paulsen beats Madia 43-40.

With only 401 voters polled, the margin of error of such a poll would have to be 4-5% meaning both Bonoff and Madia are polling within the margin of error.

With Ashwin Madia's momentum building every week, this is great news for the Madia campaign!


eric zaetsch said...

Am I missing something?

Isn't today's real question, vs. tomorrow's hypothetical without any of the intervening campaigning, Madia vs. Bonhof?

Is there any other real question on the radar?

Isn't all the rest kind of an exercise in speculation and/or misdirection?

Or am I missing something?

Resolve today's question today and leave tomorrow's question for then - that seems to be the KISS answer, doesn't it?

Have the intervening campaigning. After it is resolved whether it will be either Bonhof or Madia who will be doing it.

And then in a two horse race, like the DFL one now, there will be a first place, together with a who cares beyond first place ending "poll," and that one will be at the polls? For real. No hypotheticals, no small sample bias, no how-you-word the question concerns, etc.

It seems Bonhof could just as well publish a poll about if she were in the Sixth District, how well she'd do against Michele Bachmann.

An equal, "So what?"

NOW -- I am not dumping on Bonhof as a candidate in saying all this. I am not in that district. I have not attended a debate there. I am just saying, looking at that kind of poll, why waste time and resources that way.
I expect, for either candidate, people contribute to help pay for the phone banks and mailings, not that kind of marginal stuff.

TwoPutt said...

I think it's a legitimate expenditure; I'm sure there was other information collected in that poll that they did NOT release - info they need now, for the endorsement.

Of course, I could be wrong....