Saturday, March 29, 2008

No Bachmann earmark for DeSoto?

It did not surprise any of us when we learned that Congresswoman Bachmann would not support a Congressional earmark for the repair or replacement of the DeSoto Bridge in St Cloud.
Bachmann said she would do what she could to help offset the state’s cost of replacing the bridge and to help several upcoming local transportation projects, but ruled out earmarking, St. Augusta Mayor Bob Kroll said.

I understand some of the contempt for Congressional earmarks. However the DeSoto Bridge is not a "bridge to no where". It serves as a major thoroughfare in the St Cloud area. It's vital to the St Cloud area. If Congresswoman Bachmann cannot understand the importance of projects such as this, then she is completely incapable of serving her constituents.

I'm certain both Bob Olson and Elwyn Tinklenberg would be stronger advocates for their constituents.

The 6th CD may be a lean GOP district. I've heard from many that Bachmann cannot be beaten in 2008, by either Olson or Tinklenberg.

While Bachmann's no earmark position may have been noble in her eyes, it's a key position that could come back to haunt her.

Iran-Iraq controversy...

Presidential groping...

All funny stuff that grabs headlines.

Failing to support the repair or replacement of a key bridge in Central Minnesota because Bachmann is too good for earmarks?

It could be a significant flaw in Bachmann's 2008 re-election efforts.

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