Monday, March 24, 2008

Political Muse posts Tinklenberg/Olson debate footage

Political Muse has provided the delegates and voters of the 6th CD a great service by posting the footage from the debate.

There is some question as to who fired the first negative salvo on that fateful Sunday afternoon. In Elwyn's introduction, he cited the Larry Jacobs Op Ed, that Mike Ciresi ripped to shreds, about starting small. Seemingly, it was a shot at Olson.

We'll continue to go through the great You Tubes posted by Political Muse.


eric zaetsch said...

Tink's problem might be STAYING small.

Small agenda, if you analyze it from what's in it for Tink.

He lobbies/consults for his making millions. Then he takes the shot for the pay cut, but the cushy pension to go with his state/local pension rights; and a single term before Minnesota loses a seat.

Then, after two years the rolodex gets a five or ten-fold increase in value.

If that's the agenda, never mind the falling bridge with half the correct gusset thickness and bowing gussets shown by Strib from 2003, shortly after Tink's tenure at MnDOT ended, and the waffling on issues is for strategic and tactical advancement but not core agenda, then if that's the story it is a small selfish thing.

However, none of us can know the true heart and soul of another, but only what he says and does.

So judgment must be uncertain. We can perceive an agenda, be dead-on, or wrong.

Olson puts his own cash into a campaign loan to contest for the seat. Tinklenberg's FEC filings last time indicated it's all from outside sources - not costing him a thing.


But who's the better long-term choice?

All that said - posting the debate is an excellent service. The Muse deserves credit and applause.

TwoPutt said...

This is the debate Tink really didn't want people to see.