Sunday, March 30, 2008

SC Times confirms Tinklenberg's domination

I knew St Cloud would be a strong Tinklenberg area.

Larry Schumacher, SC Times, confirms Tinklenberg's delegate domination, in today's SC Times.
In Senate District 15, DFL hopeful Elwyn Tinklenberg's supporters appeared to have won 11 of the 14 delegates the convention will send to a 6th Congressional District convention set for April 26 in Andover. Supporters of Bob Olson took two of the spots and one remained undeclared.

The Tinklenberg campaign claimed similar success in the Senate District 14 convention.

It over, been over for a while now.

Elwyn Tinklenberg will be the DFL endorsed candidate coming out of the 6th, whether we like it or not. It's obvious that he has answered the lobbying questions and inconsistent position stances to a satisfactory manner, for the delegates.

Congresswoman Bachmann will surely ask these questions in the general election. I hope that he's able to answer these questions without playing the "divisive politics" card he played at the Anoka debate.

Tinklenberg's biggest problem coming into the general election will be whether or not the electorate can trust him. He will have to work hard, in the face of Bachmann's campaign war chest and Conservative PAC's protecting her, to stem the tide of ads that will surely come out against him.

Smooth talk will not alleviate the problem. As a matter of fact, smooth talk will make us 0-5 here in the 6th, running campaigns the way the DCCC and leadership wants us to run campaigns.

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eric zaetsch said...

Just because he has sewn up the endorsement - or appears to have, is not cause to embrace him if you believe his character makes him unfit for the high office he seeks.

It does not mean you are supporting Michele Bachmann, even once an endorsement is no longer in doubt.

It means you are saying Elwyn Tinklenberg is unfit for the office, in your view of what makes a person fit for the office.

It is not saying he is more or less unfit than Michele Bachmann.

Man, that one is a tough one.

Which of those two is least fit and why?

Which would be more destructive, long-run to the DFL's chance to better itself and what it could be?

Put it as Bob Olson has said more than once, you should never give up values to the extent you put victory above values, because that way you end up with neither?

Which really is worse - Two more years of Bachmann's ineffectiveness in the minority; or two years of Tinklenberg pursuing who knows what agenda and with what effectiveness, other than self-advancement?

I see Bachmann and Tinklenberg as little different that way. Each has self-advancement as motive.

Neither inspires me to want to send either of them to Congress.