Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Seifert supports "hair tax"?

Minn Mon has some coverage of Rep Jim Abeler's fight with Conservative Shock Jock, Jason Lewis.

From Abeler's amendment that was withdrawn.

a. Long hair tax and environmental disposal fee. A tax of $……. shall be assessed per inch over the length established by the Style Advisory Council.

b. Short hair tax credit. A credit of $……. shall be granted to those who achieve a total cranial hair mass of less than the limit established by the council.

c. Boring hair tax. Hair styles deemed incredibly boring shall be assessed a tax in addition to any other taxes or credits established by this section. As a standard, the current hairstyle favored by talk show host Jason Lewis shall be noted as the standard for a boring hair style.

Seifert would stand to get a tax credit!

Too bad the amendment was withdrawn!

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