Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TPT on Tinklenberg's "endorsements"

Two Putt Tommy is dead on once again...
Yes, “endorsements”. As in "plural". Two that I know of; one a congressman, the other a well-known former candidate. I called another congressman’s office, two days ago, and asked a real simple question, Here’s the cut ‘n paste:

My name is (the ol' TwoPutter's given name); I'm a member of the DFL Veteran's Caucus and live in (city). I also blog on the website .

I am wondering who, if anyone, Representative Peterson has endorsed in CD-06?

Has Representative Peterson endorsed either Bob Olson, or El Tinklenberg?

Thank you for your response!

(the ol' TwoPutter's given name)952-xxx-xxxx

I followed it up with a phone call, and was told I’d get a reply, when they got an answer. No answer, last Monday. So I e-mailed and called again, yesterday morning, and again, yesterday afternoon. Still no answer. So I followed up again, this morning. As of this minute, still no answer.

Now, the reasonable citizen might assume that anyone a Congressman has endorsed, the Congressman would be quick to confirm the endorsement. So, is it unreasonable to assume that Tinklenberg did NOT receive the endorsement?

Yesterday, I had a telephone conversation with Tinklenberg’s Campaign Manager, who claimed Representative Peterson in fact “endorsed” Tinklenberg; further, she promised me she’d e-mail me written confirmation of said “endorsement.” No e-mail in the ol’ in-box, yesterday. This morning, I followed up with a voice mail, asking for the promised verification of Representative Peterson’s “endorsement. I followed up with another voice mail. So far, no e-mail in the ol’ in-box.

What is the reasonable citizen to assume?

And quite frankly, I’m not even gonna get into the parsing of words and hair-splitting Tink’s campaign manager engaged in, with regards to Congressman Walz’ NON-endorsement of Tink.

Quite frankly, I felt like she was insulting my intelligence – not that I have a lot. I don’t understand why she didn’t simply state: “Hey – we made a mistake; we’re sorry, we’ll fix it.” And then actually did fix it. Why this campaign put Sergeant Major Walz in the position they did, is inexcusable, IF they didn’t apologize. They haven’t; it isn’t. And I don’t like gettin’ the run-around from a campaign manager from my party. Or, for that matter, the run-around Wodele gave me, yesterday. I expect straight talk. I haven’t gotten it.

Getting Sergeant Major Walz involved in this is pathetic and as TPT put it, indeed "inexcusable".

For the ending, go back to Mn's pretty damn good!

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