Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wayback machine: Tinklenberg's negative 2006 campaign?

Dump Bachmann has a few archived posts about Elwyn Tinklenberg possibly leaking opponent information to MDE.

Lloydletta has an older post on this as well.
Speaking of Elwyn Tinklenberg, he still has nothing up on his website. We know that Tinklenberg supports the Federal Bachmann Amendment and supports criminalizing abortion. While a staffer for Tinklenberg told me that Tinklenberg supports civil unions, the campaign never made an attempt to correct the record with press accounts of his support for the Federal Bachmann Amendment (which would also ban civil unions).

An older letter sent to Tinklenberg from the former leader of the Stonewall DFL.
Mr. Tinklenberg:

Why would a Democrat support someone like you, who has used his campaign kickoff to announce that he opposes three major planks in the party's platform (gay rights, gun control and reproductive rights)? If people want a pro-handgun, anti-choice, anti-gay candidate to vote for, they already have one in Michele Bachmann, Phil Krinkie, Cheri Pierson Yecke or Jim Knoblauch. We had one Republican Lite candidate--Janet Robert--run in the 6th District already and it was a disaster. We don't need another one.

Tinklenberg 2008 (aka version 2.0) complaining about negative campaigning is interesting. Tinklenberg 2006 (aka version 1.0) appears to have been much more negative than any Olson supporter has been.

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