Monday, March 31, 2008

Wright Republican: Emmer Hypocrisy At Its Finest

Drew Emmer's latest actions against Karl Bremer are a case of hypocrisy at its finest, Wright County Republican style.

Anyone remember the Stillwater levy mess this past fall?

Drew Emmer went after an anonymous blogger who posted personal info of those who opposed the levy.

The organized effort to systematically harass, intimidate and retaliate against citizens who oppose the Stillwater ISD 834 tax levy began during the Summer of 2007.

An anonymous blogger known only as "Stillwater Infidel aka NSA" posted personal information about folks who publicly spoke out against the tax levies at School Board meetings, Open Forums, in Letters to the Editor, and/or posted campaign signs on their private property.

Emmer ends his rant by saying;

There is a lingering sense of hope that the entire story will be thoroughly investigated by local, county, state and federal law enforcement and ultimately reported by other ethical news sources going forward.

In case anyone has forgotten:

Intimidation is against the law.
Harrassment is against the law.
Trespassing is against the law.
Defamation is against the law.
Bombing a mailbox is against the law.
Stealing is against the law.
Attempting to restrict a person's right to express their political views is a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

For the record, I agreed with Drew on this. Personally attacking those who oppose a school levy or other political endeavor is reprehesible. Politicians are fair game. Those private citizens who work in the trenches on these issues, in support of or opposition to are "hands off".

I listened to Jason Lews of KTLK infamy attack Karl Bremer last week for his opposition to the Veterans for Freedom event at Forest Lake High School. The event was later moved to a local VFW.

The venom Lewis and other conservatives had for those who opposed this event and specifically Karl Bremer was shocking.

Minnesota Monitor has a detailed post.

Dump Bachmann covers it here.

It was Minnesota Monitor's mention of Minnesota Majority that caught my eye.

"Isn't Drew Emmer a part of that group?"

He sure is!

Minnesota Monitor captured a screen shot of Drew Emmer's frantic plea for the Minnesota Majority community to personally contact Karl Bremer.

Note that Emmer posted Bremer's complete address and phone number, which was redacted by Minnesota Monitor. While Emmer's post was changed later, the damage was done.

Emmer's work here is as reprehensible as the anonymous Stillwater blogger. Drew Emmer spent at least 30 posts on the anonymous Stillwater blogger, labeling him an "infidel".

Drew Emmer has become the known infidel now in exposing the personal information on Karl Bremer.

I know, we should get his nephew, State Rep Tom Emmer, and Rep Laura Brod to launch another wasteful inquiry to the Office of the Legislative Auditor or another state agency they'd love to gut fiscally once again!

Emmer posed the question on his own blog, "Did the Stillwater Infidel Break the Law?"

There's more to this story. And I suspect there are more folks involved. It will do us all a lot of good to first isolate the possible legal ramifications associated with the Stillwater Infidel. We need to thoroughly clean this up and outline the specifics as to what is acceptable and unacceptable political speech on the blogosphere.

Ask yourself how this issue would have been handled if SI was a republican.

We know how it's being handled since Emmer is a Republican. The Conservative radio waves and blogosphere will protect him.

KSTP should do a story on Drew's hypocrisy. His attempts to stifle Mr. Bremer violate his constitutional right to express his own political view, as previously stated by Emmer during the Stillwater Infidel rant.

So this is who Republican's treat a military veteran?


Roberta said...

"So this is how Republican's treat a military veteran?"

Video about Bachmann and Michael Gerster from 2006.

eric zaetsch said...

Who was the philosopher who said consistency is the hob-goblin of petty minds?

Politicizing guests at school, that is a problem of equal time, but even then it goes beyond that.

I think Michele Bachmann going to grade schools for photo ops falls into the category of bad taste, as well as politicizing guests at schools.

Who should get equal time after Michele Bachmann? Or beyond that -- Shouldn't Bachmann just have the good manners to not do this?

I think the only answer is making the school off limits to propagandizing outsiders, be it a pro-war veterans group, a parent with an agenda, an anti-war veterans group, or Michele Bachmann - is a disservice to those who are forced to be there, without the choice of walking out and going somewhere else. A disservice to the students. They are a captive audience, there, captive for one purpose - so do NOT allow any propagandizing whore to mess with them and their minds. End of story.

Drew Emmer said...

Please reference the original posts at, I'm not the author.

It looks like the MNMajority post was published under my name at True North.

It wasn't my post. But thanks for thinking of me.

Drew Emmer

Blue man said...

The other "Blueman" posted it.