Saturday, April 26, 2008

CD 6 live blog (Updated)

Weather has been horrible, although I hear it's much better in the cities. The roads were pretty bad in Wright County, so I decided to watch Charlie Wilson's War and follow Larry Schumacher's live blog of the event.

Sounds like they have the bloggers in the back of the room...tough to get some good You Tubes from there!

Not much going on yet, although I hear the floor is filled with green Tinklenberg shirts.

Update 9: Schumacher reports 147 seated delegates, 89 needed for endorsement. How much longer will it take?

Update 8: Speeches and Q & A are done. First round of ballots to begin.

I'll stick with my first ballot prediction...and that I will not golf today.

Update 7: 30 minute Q & A period. Tinklenberg on marriage equality.

We are beginning to understand how important it is to stand up and protect the rights of all people. Beginning to see that if we allow those to erode for anyone, they start to erode for everyone.

Beginning to understand?

Update 6: No Miles Lord? I wonder what happened there? Tinklenberg's speech apparently rocked the house. His Iraq flop really bugs me...

Update 5: Tarryl Clark and Rebecca Otto speak for Elwyn.

Update 4: Larry has excerpts of Olson's speech up.

Update 3: Looks like the endorsement process has began. Report from the floor that Olson is significantly out organized on the floor.

Update 2: Delegate count at 133, tons of green Tink shirts on the floor. Lots of electronic bling according to a SCSU friend of mine! Olson looks to be going at it "Old School".

Update 1: Olson makes his case to Schumacher, how negative will it get?

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