Sunday, April 20, 2008

Frank Moe won't seek relection in 2008

Now this is a shocker!
Moe said he didn’t know if he should announce now, or at the end of the legislative session, which is the normal time lawmakers announce their intention.

“Just last night (Friday) I thought I can’t go and ask the Senate district for the endorsement, knowing in my heart that I wasn’t really going to run for office,” Moe said in an interview. “That wasn’t honest, and I didn’t feel like I could do it.”

I met Rep Moe and his wife while at a MSUSA Conference up in Bemidji a few years ago. Rep Moe was always a strong supporter of higher education issues, a strong advocate for our association and our students.

Nolan, Nicole and I had a great conversation with Rep Moe at the State DFL Convention in 2006. His insight helped my campaign for the State Senate immensly.

Frank Moe is a strong role model in Minnesota politics and will be greatly missed. I wish Frank and Sherri the best!

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Grace Kelly said...

So is there a DFL candidate for Frank Moe's position?