Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Madia Machine Rolls Along

What a day! Starting at 7:30 this morning gathered with Madia supporters in the parking lot, working credentials and miscellaneous odd jobs at the convention, to celebrating his endorsement around 5pm, it was a long, fun filled, and rewarding day.

Ran into Michael Brodkorb of MDE fame.

The Big E over at MnBlue.

Sean at MN Publius.

Gavin at Gavin Sullivan.

Joe at Minnesota Campaign Report.

And a few others...including Ron Erhardt who made an appearance at the convention.

While it was tense at times, the outcome was never really in jeopardy. Bonoff never captured more than 74 delegates, needing 94 for endorsement. Bonoff and her staff put up one hell of a good fight.

Superdelegates in support of Bonoff did not waver, regardless of where their delegations voted. Ultimately, IMHO, it should have been decided much earlier. Superdelegates kept Senator Bonoff in the race today.

With that said, I have the utmost respect for how Senator Bonoff and her staff handled the events today in Wayzata. In defeat, they showed class and respect for both the party and our delegates by conceding late today.

Bonoff is a great candidate. If she only lived in the 6th...

Ashwin Madia and his campaign seized the day.

Having spent the better part of the past 7 months covering campaigns in the 6th, seeing the Madia Machine in action was a lot of fun. Working credentials and doing some floor work for the campaign was very rewarding.

I saw hints of the powerful organizational structure at a volunteer meeting in Plymouth on Thursday night. About 35 brave souls made their way out in the mess to get everything organized for today's events.

This structure in place will be vital to Madia's success in the general election against Erik Paulsen. There is little doubt in my mind that Madia's powerful message, strong organization, and current political climate make the race in the 3rd the most attractive Congressional race in the district in decades.

Anyway, I'm working on some You Tubes right now and will work to get them posted soon.

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eric zaetsch said...

Bonhof - Madia is a lot like JNP - Franken. Whichever, you do not end up with an unattractive hard-to-support candidate.

The Sixth is the likely district to disappear if projections that Minnesota loses a seat prove true.

Ventura kind of wanted the Gerrymandered thing, so his crony Dean Barkley would have a chance to be the second elected IP candidate, but it was not enough to help his friend.

It should be easy to redraw maps with parts of the Sixth going into other districts, and with the numbering changed for Peterson and Oberstar but with the boundaries and make-up being such that each remains in senior congressional status. Most interesting, Bachmann's home going into Kline's district, then does she take a run there, or move?

It looks more and more like two more years of Michele, and the Third and Senate races being the most interesting.

I presume the GOP candidate in the Third will differ greatly from Ramstad. What's the word on Paulsen?