Saturday, April 26, 2008

Olson and Tinklenberg on Almanac

H/T to Political Muse.

Olson did a very good job against Tinklenberg. On more than one occasion, Tinklenberg hemmed and hawed...

Check out the discussion for yourself. Click on 6th District DFL Debate.

Tinklenberg accused Olson of mischaracterising his Iraq position.

From Hometown Source, June 14, 2005.
He would have voted for the Iraq War, Tinklenberg explained, based on the information provided at the time.

But Tinklenberg criticized the Bush Administration for poor planning.

Itís not just a matter of when the United States should pull out of Iraq but what will happen to the people left behind, he explained.

Yet another reason I have a hard time trusting Tinklenberg.

Olson looked and sounded pretty relaxed on Almanac last night. He'll have to give his best political speech today and have a solid floor plan, to defeat Tinklenberg today.

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