Sunday, April 13, 2008

A quick look at Erik Paulsen

It's time to defeat Erik Paulsen.

I'm just going to take a few minutes here and look at some of Paulsen's key votes recently. While the GOP paints Madia as an extreme leftist and Paulsen as a moderate, the voting record does not lie. Paulsen is not a moderate.

In 07, he voted against the Higher Education Bill (before he voted for it on 5/14/07) which included $10 million for the Department of Veterans Affairs for grants to military veterans and their families as well as the creation of the the Minnesota GI Bill Program to provide postsecondary educational assistance to veterans and their families.

The "moderate" Paulsen received a 100 rating from Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life.

The "moderate" Paulsen received an average rating of 86.6 from Taxpayers League of Minnesota.

The "moderate" Paulsen received a 0 rating from OutFront Minnesota.

The "moderate" Paulsen received a 45 rating from Clean Water Action of Minnesota.

The "moderate" Paulsen received an average rating of 36 from Conservation Minnesota, over 7 years.

The "moderate" Paulsen received and average rating of 16 from Minnesota Sierra Club-North Star, over 7 years, yet received a 100 from the Minnesota Chamber on environmental issues.

The "moderate" Paulsen received an average rating of 6.25 from the Children's Defense Fund, over 4 years.

We'll be fisking some more education and veterans votes in the near future, but a mere summary glimpse of Paulsen's record shows he's not the moderate, a moderate of the Jim Ramstad mold, that the GOP is painting him to be.


West Metro Dem said...

Thank you for this post! I just cross posted this at MNPublius.

TwoPutt said...

This is from Paulsen's website:

"Paulsen launches this bid after years of working in bipartisan fashion, across the aisle, to get results in the business world and in the Minnesota legislature."

Yeah, "right".

"Erik Paulsen" and "bi-partisan" in the same sentence???!?

Just who do these republiCons think they're fooling?

Oh, wait - they're tryin' to fool the voters.

Shame on them.

Keep up the good work, Blue Man.