Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why is the Startribune...

...trying to create a race in CD 1 and giving Bachmann a free pass in CD 6?

Yesterday's Strib piece on Tinklenberg was a hit piece. As someone who really doesn't like Tinklenberg, even I can see through that and admit it.

Bob Olson has yet to receive any significant coverage in the Startribune, having jumped from his US Senate race last summer and into the Congressional race.

Elwyn Tinklenberg got hit on taconite yesterday, and a story on his campaign announcement in October.

Even with Brian Davis' lackluster fundraising, the Startribune has seen fit to spend significantly more time on CD 1 candidates than CD 6.

The Davis profile...where doing hospital rounds as a medical student was public service.

The actual endorsement.

Pre-convention fodder.

Mark Meyer getting out.

Dick Day's field trip to the border.

Hotly contested race?
Combined, Walz's four opponents reported having slightly more than $176,000 in campaign contributions on hand as of June 30, compared with the nearly $454,000 Walz reported.

Fundraising against Bachmann in CD 6 has been significantly stronger, yet the only coverage the candidates get are hit pieces. With the convention coming up Saturday, I'd expect some sort of coverage starting tomorrow, but it will pale in comparison to the run up the GOP candidates in CD 1 received before the endorsement.

And who can forget the Bachmann fluff piece?

Look at the fundraising numbers. As incumbents, it's expected that Bachmann and Walz will raise significant sums of money. Both have done that and that alone makes each of the formidable.

The biggest difference however, neglected by the mainstream media, is in constituent outreach.

Tim Walz is holding open forums, listening sessions, and providing outreach to our Veterans. Walz is active across CD 1, walking, talking and listening to his constituents, regardless of where they stand politically. He's being a statesman.

Bachmann? Tele-conferences, no open forums, listening sessions, lackluster constituent outreach. She's AWOL! You can't even record video of Congresswoman Bachmann for fear that Ken Avidor may see it!

Truth be told, it's the strong constituent outreach from Congressman Walz and his staff that make the CD 1 Congressional seat relatively safe for him. He's busting his ass as a Congressman and we recognize that.

Congresswoman Bachmann is merely going through the motions, holding firm to policies that have hurt working and middle class Minnesotans.

Her lack of outreach and the mainstream media's negligence in covering that important aspect of democracy, hurt us all.

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Beckfeld said...

The irony is of course that one of the biggest issues for the State is transportation and one of the biggest issues for the nation is energy and here you have an expert on each and nobody has interviewed them. But the Tribune’s responded to shrinking interest in their paper by offering even less news. Some marketing manager looked at the paper a declared “the problem with this newspaper is that there is news in it”

Of course even the local DFL party has shown almost no interest in this race has is evident by the lack of any debates, forums, meet the candidate stuff. The Party people seem to be waiting for the mainstream media and the mainstream media seems to be waiting on the party.

That piece was hardly a hit piece though blue. A real hit piece would have looked into the Tink and other statements saying taconite was safe while the house just approved spending millions to study this stuff. Taconite is poison. It kills you. And just one exposure can do the trick. It doesn’t matter if a democrat or republican is pushing it. It needs to be stopped. Tink’s has been paid to say a lot of good things about this poison including that it has “important environmental benefits”, “it’s safe” and it’s a ”myth” that it’s dangerous.

Hell, If the trip wanted to do a hit piece the should have just read your blog and used some of the things you have pointed out.

The question is can the other things Tink is for (s-chip and government mandated florescent lighting) outweigh the fact that he wants to spread this crap on my street.

I suggest he comes up with some better issues to offer us in exchange for allowing our children to be exposed to this poison.