Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Accident Near Annandale Tonight

Driving home to see my parents, I came across the scene of a horrible accident at Highway 55 and County Road 6 near Annandale.

Coming west on 55, I pulled over for an ambulance moving through Maple Lake at a high rate of speed.

5 minutes later I was near 55 and County Road 6. Sheriff's Deputies had cars driving down the paved trail south of Lampi Auctioneer's and onto CR 6 North towards my parents house on Cedar Lake.

As I passed the scene, I could not see anything other than a couple of rather large wreckers and at least 6 Minnesota State Troopers, doing what appeared to be accident reconstruction.

I've driven this intersection for decades. When the sun is rising or setting, it can be a pretty tough corner to see oncoming cars.

The Herald Journal News Blog in Cokato has an update.

Our thoughts and prayers to the families.

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