Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bachmann GI Bill Video

Muse beat me to it again!

Congresswoman Bachmann's vote on the new GI Bill is disturbing for this Veteran.

I joined the Army in 1990. The education benefits were a key reason for my enlistment. Instead of leaving at the end of my first 4 year enlistment, I raised my right hand 4 times and pledged an oath of service to this country, like millions of other Americans. My oath was to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. My oath was a pledge to follow the orders of those appointed over me and the President of the United States.

When I took that oath, 4 times, I, like many other Veterans, trusted that our country would take care of us, should anything bad happen to us. We would have access to our rightfully earned benefits.

In 2001, I left active duty to seek a college education. From the time I started at St Cloud State University and the time I received my first GI Bill benefits check, was 6 months. It was a constant stress with lost paperwork in St Louis and other bureaucratic problems. While the first GI Bill deposit I received, in 2002 was a sizable deposit, working things out with the University was tough.

Working nearly full time while going to school (taking 15 credits) and waiting for my rightfully earned benefits was tough. My story is not rare.

Access to Veterans benefits is important. Enhancing the GI Bill one facet of Veterans benefits. Congresswoman Bachmann's vote against Veterans benefits and the GI Bill is disgusting, in my eyes.

Her constant lip service to Veterans is disrespectful.

Her record on higher education and Veterans issues is horrible.

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Political Muse said...

Actually, Dump Bachmann beat us both to it. However, you have a much more compelling story than I do.

The first hand experience you have with the service provides you with more authority than I to chastise this woman for her lip service.