Saturday, May 03, 2008

Elwyn a "Blue Dog"

Not that this is any surprise though...

Taxpaying Liberal's post over at Liberal in Land of Conservative.
The Blue Dogs are less partisan and at times seem confused as to what they stand for, if anything at all. Blue Dogs are today’s version of a former coalition of southern Members of the House known as the “Boll Weevils,” whose heyday was in the early 1980's. These Members defected as a group from the Democratic Party to vote with Congressional Republicans on budgetary and tax bills. The result was the largest deficits in the history of the country (until now) and the sweeping of Democrats from power in the 90’s. All Southerners, they were named after the insect that infected and often destroyed cotton crops, so the name “Boll Weevil” had a pejorative implication.

Blue dogs claim to be fiscally moderate but the reality is that they and their districts are often the largest beneficiaries of federal grants and spending. Collin Peterson and Oberstar are blue dogs. One seldom hears that they are budget hawks as they are the chairs of the House Ag and Transportation committees and these committees are known as the largest producers of pork spending in the federal budget.

A more unifying factor for the Blue dogs is their stances on Abortion, GLBT issues, sex education in public schools and Iraq war funding.

The Blue dogs are one of the main reasons the Bush administration has been able to pass so much of its agenda since the Democrats took control of congress.

I don't think Oberstar is officially a Blue Dog.

The "Boll Weevils" were also well known for helping Reagan's tax cuts get through Congress. How much will this endorsement help Tinklenberg and the 6th CD unseat Michele Bachmann. Labor strongly stands behind Tinklenberg, he had an easy first ballot endorsement last weekend, and has been endorsed by the "Blue Dogs".

CD 7 Congressman Collin Peterson is a well known and respected "Blue Dog". Congressional districts directly west of Peterson also hold "Blue Dogs" in Congresswoman Herseth and Congressman Pomeroy. This endorsement may fit well in the western areas of CD 6, but how will it play out in the rest of the gerrymandered district?

Will Tinklenberg's pro-life position have any impact on moderates or social conservatives? Will it be enough that he's pro-life but does not wish to see Roe v Wade overturned?

Welcome Taxpaying Liberal!

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lloydletta said...

Tinklenberg's position on abortion has changed significantly from MPR's reported position that he "opposed legalized abortion", to what he said at the convention - that he has no plans on voting for anything that would weaken Roe. That tape will show up in general election (the Republicans have it). Tinklenberg also said he supported civil unions - and made a moving appeal that when the majority goes after one unpopular minority, soon others follow. He said it well - but will he frame this, in a similar way in a debate with Bachmann?