Tuesday, May 20, 2008

LTE: Kline's Blame Games Must End

The Red Wing Republican Eagle has a LTE posted on Congressman Kline's "blame game".
John Kline is finally getting around to blaming somebody for high oil prices, and not surprisingly, it isn’t himself (R-E, May 14).

Isn’t this the congressman who glorified the Iraq war as the answer to all of our problems? Isn’t this the congressman who voted for every reckless cent spent over there instead of over here? Isn’t this the congressman who approves of our military burning 400,000 barrels of oil a day in Iraq?

Whatever happened to all that oil you and your neo-con friends were supposed to get from Iraq, John Kline? Is it really Nancy Pelosi’s fault that the Iraqis won’t give us their oil? No, it is your fault for thinking that they would.

It is your fault for not developing alternative energy sooner and better. It is your fault for thinking Americans will tear up their parks and coastlines in environmentally sensitive areas because the price of gas is too high for you to get re-elected.

Kline's voting record contrasts the rhetoric he spews.
Are more oil wells and more refineries really the answer to anything? Nancy Pelosi isn’t running against you, John Kline, Steve Sarvi is. He has just come home from serving in Iraq and has a lot of good ideas about how America can go forward without being chained to an oil well. He will be one congressman who won’t forget to mention the cost of the war when complaining about high oil prices.

Indeed. It's getting out and engaging people with new ideas for our nation and the 2nd Congressional District.


taxpaying liberal said...

Time for a reality check.
The Republicans and some Democrats would have us believe that the government somehow has a say or can control gas prices.

Kline made this argument in his editorial and Bachmann has said pretty much the same thing.

Oil prices are controlled by speculators and those who both buy and sell on the world market.
We can lower prices by reducing demand but that will take years.

We started down this path back in 1973 after Saudi Arabia cut our oil in response to the 7 day Israeli war. But Regan and Bush and cheap oil derailed efforts to reduce our dependence.

The facts are that the world will run out of oil. Many experts believe that it will happen by 2050or sooner.

Kline, Bachmann and others ignore this at our expense. If it takes $3.00/gal gases to get us off our ass’s and do something then that’s a good thing.

China is increasing its oil consumption by 8% a year and will soon replace us as the leading consumer of oil (we currently use 25% of the world’s oil.) In the next couple of years China and the US will consumer half of the entire world’s oil. By 2040 China will require 100% of all the known worlds’ oil reserve.

We can’t get enough drilling in the arctic or the keys, we can’t get enough by conserving, and we aren’t going to find a replacement when the Saudi field (that’s been pumping since the 50’s) runs dry.

It’s going to take ten years and a trillion dollars to convert to hydrogen. There’s not enough land to grow enough plants to make a complete transition to Bio fuel.

What Kline wrote and Bachmann believes about our energy needs is an embarrassment to them and a disservice to our nation and they should be ashamed of spreading a lie for political gain.

Anonymous said...

$3.85 a gallon today for me. $38 (almost) to gas up my Corolla. This is an election issue against B and K and everyone else w/ no honest answer.