Thursday, May 15, 2008

More on NRCC's "Change You Deserve"

As we all know by now, Ollie delivered a swift kick in the pants to the NRCC's stolen campaign slogan, "Change You Deserve".

As the fallout continues and the NRCC continues to lose elections, Republicans have drifted into full panic mode.

From CQ this morning:
“The political atmosphere facing House Republicans this November is the worst since Watergate and is far more toxic than the fall of 2006, when we lost 30 seats (and our majority),” wrote Davis, R-Va., who criticized the party’s “inarticulate and unfocused national leadership.”

Inarticulate? Well, considering they stole a trademarked slogan for an anti-depression drug, we'd have to agree with Rep Davis.

Will the McCain/Pawlenty ticket steal a slogan from Viagara? Levitra?

After blowing a couple of million on this race in Mississippi, the NRCC is in serious trouble. This bodes will for hot races in Minnesota Congressional Districts 2, 3, and 6.

Yesterday's Strib has a comment that made Ron Carey and Minnesota Republicans shudder.
Marty Wiseman, a political scientist at Mississippi State University, said if Democrats can carry districts that traditionally have been safe bets for the GOP, "Republican strategists have to be terrified."

Terrified indeed.

There will be no bail-out.

Bachmann is on her own. Will her 10-1 COH advantage be enough to fend off the Tinklenberg machine?

Madia will receive some significant help in CD 3's open seat. Paulsen will receive little help from a cash stricken NRCC and Minnesota Republican Party.

Kline will be on his own as well. For an incumbent, his fundraising numbers have to be disappointing. Sarvi has built a strong team and great message. He will be a force to be reckoned with in Minnesota's Second.

When Republican strongholds in Mississippi start turning blue, Republicans across Minnesota really ought to take notice.

Perhaps they should give up golf and send all their money into CD 4 and 5!

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eric zaetsch said...

Obama has been using "Change you can believe in." This is a run at him.

However, who do YOU believe? The ones tied to the comander in chief who lied the nation into a bleak war? Who is saying the economy is fine?

The guy who if nothing else will change the racial history of the office?

Should you believe the Dems, the people who are saying things need to be fixed from the times when the GOP controlled the legislative, executive, and as is clear from the Gore 2000 election lawsuit, the judiciary - all three branches under GOP dominion --- and look at the mess?

Would you buy the used car from Obama, or Boehner?

Enough said.