Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ron Carey: The Hypocrite Edition

Ron Carey, Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party, has called on Al Franken to "lift the gag order on his CPA".

Today's Startribune featured a story on the financial miscues of the Minnesota Republican Party, under the leadership of Ron Carey.
A left-leaning blogger tried to ask Carey about the party’s FEC reports at a news conference the GOP called last week to highlight Franken’s problems. Carey dismissed him, saying the press briefing “is something for our credentialed media here.”

Carey did not respond this week to Star Tribune requests for an interview about the FEC filings.

When will the Ron Carey "gag order" be lifted?

This seems to be the status quo for the Minnesota GOP right now. Bachmann refused to comment post CD 6 endorsement. Kline refused comment after CD 2.

For the sake of fairness, we call on the Minnesota Republican Party to lift the "gag order" on Ron Carey.

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taxpaying liberal said...

Delay mixed federal and state funds and that got him into a lot of hot water.

It should be no supprise that the GOP short changed the retirement plans of their own employees and using the money for other things, They have been ripping off the social security trust fund for years and using it to pay for their agenda.

52 violations (lies, mistakes) on the FEC report. That sums up the Republican Party as well as anything.