Friday, May 16, 2008

Severson Opposes Tax Equality

We've had our share of run-in's with Rep Severson. He was a frequent visitor to SCSU Student Government meetings, especially if a GLBT issue was being discussed.

Just as Rep Severson opposes any sort of marriage equality, he also opposes equality in taxation, as discussed in a LTE in the SC Times today.

Rob Jacobs, DFL endorsed candidate for 14A offered his opinion today.
My campaign is focusing on a vision of a fair distribution of the tax burden for all Minnesotans.

Most people I have spoken with agree that Severson has failed to ensure that everyone pays their fair share of taxes.

We have seen a very unfair shifting of the tax burden. The things we value most — education, health care, transportation and public safety — have all been shifted to our local property taxes.

This shift has occurred under Severson’s watch and he has consistently supported this regressive method of taxation, all the while telling us there are “no new taxes.”

He has supported an increase in fees that will cost Minnesotans an additional $530 million this year.

Indeed. The property tax increases during Severson's legislative career are enormous.

Go check out an interview by Poitical Muse!


Political Muse said...

You beat me to this LTE! Great job though...

Political Muse said...

Does it really surprise you that Severson would be opposed to equality?