Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why are the right wing bloggers scared of Sergeant Sarvi?

For a candidate who is "not getting a lot of attention", why are the right wing bloggers talking about him?

MDE posted about it Sunday, using himself as a source.

Mitch Berg at Shot in the Dark posted an "Open Letter to District 2 Republicans".
But you have John Kline in the House. He’s solid, He’s generally conservative.

And he’s safe. Even the Democrats realize that Steve Sarvi isn’t much more than a warm body to put on the ballot; while he has lower negatives than the insane Colleen Rowley, I also suspect he’ll garner less fundraising from outside-the-district wackjobs.

Generally conservative? Ok? Kind of like Dennis Kucinich being generally liberal?

Fundraising is essential in this race. While Sarvi has been off to a slow start, it will most certainly pick up now that he has the endorsement and has quit his full time job to run for Congress. Kline on the other hand, seems to be sleepwalking his way to the election. His $500k COH have to be disappointing to the NRCC and Minnesota GOP. An incumbent of Kline's stature should have raised well over a million dollars by now.

Berg and the right wing bloggers are underestimating Sarvi here. He's much more than a "warm body to put on the ballot". His service to his country in Kosovo and Iraq as well as his decade long record as a city administrator and 3 term Mayor of Watertown make him uniqely qualified.

Kline's voting record and lack of constituent outreach will be major issues in this race. Kline is AWOL from his constituents in Minnesota, similar to Congresswoman Bachmann.

Berg goes on to make a case for Kline.
Let’s face it, CD2 Republicans; Kline’s seat is pretty well safe. We needn’t be complacent, of course; y’all gotta work for the guy. But barring some scandal favoring the Iraq veteran Sarvi - say, someone discovers that Kline’s bio is faked and that he didn’t actually win four Legions of Merit, his Naval Commendation Medal, a Meritorious Service Medal, a Joint Service Commendation Medal, and a Defense Superior Service Award, serve in Vietnam, serve as an aide to two Presidents and as pilot for Marine One, and have a son who has served as a chopper pilot in Iraq - y’all can most likely look forward to a couple more unchallenged years of good representation in Washington.

And then makes a plea!

So when it comes time to do your political donations, how about peeling off a couple of bucks for where the party needs some help?

Where does he want Minnesota GOP money to go?

CD 4 and CD 5!

For the first time in Blueman history, I agree with Mitch, so listen up all you right leaning readers of Blueman! Send all your political donations to CD 4 and CD 5. We can look at this as a bi-partisan effort from Mitch and Hal to increase the GOP turn out in CD 4 and 5.

CD 5 has not elected a Republican to Congress in 45 years. The last 4 elections, a GOP candidate has garnered no more than 26%.

CD 4 had not gone red since 1949 and no one has come closer than 25% of Betty McCollum in years.

While fully understanding the redistricting of the CD's, CD 2 has seen DFL leadership in parts of CD 2 as recently as 2001 with David Minge.

Congressman Kline did lose to Bill Luther twice in portions of this CD.

With Amy Klobuchar dominating the area in 2006 and more than 1/2 of the state's legislative seats in DFL control, the "tide is turning" in CD 2.

So Mitch is right, Republicans should write off CD 2 and send their money up into CD 4 and 5.

On a side note, our friend Chris Truscott is back blogging! See what he has to think about Congressman Kline's energy crisis op ed!

Dave Mindeman shares his concern as well!

Go here to donate to Sarvi for Congress!

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