Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coleman v. Franken: The Ads

The first ads from Coleman and Franken (post endorsement)are pretty good.

Norm Coleman's second ad is good as well.

My only question, asked by colleagues at MnPublius and MnBlue as well, where was Laurie Coleman during this shoot? Was it taken in two places and edited together? What about the wedding ring shot 10 secs in?

Coleman has at least started the 08 cycle in similar fashion to Mark Kennedy. Family/home oriented videos.

How soon til the nasty stuff comes out?

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eric zaetsch said...

And he can reach across the aisle.

He is a consensus builder.

It did not work for Kennedy when people pointed out his voting record, his high percentage of party line and pro-administration voting.

What will the Coleman attempt to distance from Bushco look llike, how will it float?