Saturday, July 05, 2008

Annandale on the 4th

What a great day!

We got to the parade route around 8:30 ish, set up the chairs in the shade, had a few doughnuts, some drinks and anxiously awaited the parade.

Someone apparently had too much of a good time the night before. There car was still parked on the parade route and our day started by watching the Annandale PD in action. The car was towed, although I secretly wanted Homeland Security to blow it up, as a prelude to the great fireworks that would appear later.

We caught Jim Bakula riding the parade route on a segway scooter. He was working the parade crowds well, getting around to a lot of people on this neat machine.

Jim was the only candidate working the parade route before the parade. We handed out some stickers on my side of the street and promoted him as best as we could. We're anxiously awaiting walking in the Monticello parade with Jim!

Dean Urdahl made an appearance. Bluewoman's family was pleased that I had no reaction to Urdahl's presence, although I think he was avoiding us.

Urdahl didn't have the large contingent he usually has. Hmmm.

Bruce Anderson followed Urdahl in the parade and was pretty blah as well. Slapped hands with a few kids and shouted to a guy named "Dick" in the crowd. I confirmed for Bluewoman's family that Representative Anderson was not referring to me.

Eleven units into the parade and with all the politicians done, I announced I was ready to go. My plea was met with an immediate veto

The Oslo Norway band was great, as were the rest of the bands that participated. Bands are my favorite part of parades!

Bluewoman caught me taking a cat nap during the parade.

It was a short nap...

Because...Da Band showed up! In case you have never heard of Da Band, they are a group of highly talented musicians who provide a great deal of entertainment at local parades.

Post parade and burger nap over at Miah's.Catching my second wind and dominating at Big Buck Hunter at Tootsies in Annandale!

A few pork chops and corn cobs later, we were getting ready to watch the fireworks in Annandale. It was a spectacular show once again. It's always fun going back to Annandale, especially on the 4th!

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I absolutely LOVE Big Buck Hunter!