Friday, July 11, 2008

Holy Crap That Was A Storm

Not that Blueman will become a weather blog anytime soon but...

Wow, that was a pretty nasty little storm that came through Cokato and Wright County tonight. I'll have pictures and video up tomorrow.

Bluewoman and I were over at her parents house when the storms started to roll in. We went outside to check it all out before it hit.

Looking northwest from Cokato we could see some pretty nasty stuff. Standing in her parents front yard, we witnessed a small bump in one cloud start rotating and begin to grow larger. It looked like the beginning of a funnel cloud that probably ended up going north through Cokato Township, French Lake and Albion.

Storms hit soon after, lots of wind and rain. Tornado sirens went off in Cokato, while we were getting ready to head towards the basement, a very large branch came down in the backyard. It took out a clothesline and missed the garage by a few feet.

For nearly 45 minutes, we could hear the constant rumble of what sounded like tornadoes on the ground. It was pretty eerie.

As much as I want to be a storm chaser, there is no way Bluewoman will let me do that...

Photos and video will be up in the morning. Thank goodness, everyone is alright in our neck of the woods!


Anonymous said...

It was pretty fierce down here, too, probably about an hour later.

dorkyteacher said...

We just caught the southern edge of it, mostly got much needed rain and a bit of hail. But we were thinking of you when we saw that your area was getting spanked. Good all is well! :)