Saturday, July 19, 2008

McCain stumbles on women's issues

Bluewoman saw this one this morning. She was not impressed.

So, while John McCain supports health insurance plans that pay for Viagra, he has voted against legislation that would have called for birth control to be covered by health insurance.

Bill O'Reilly came to McCain's defense and shows once again just how out of touch with reality he is...


TwoPutt said...

Well, as demonstrated at this link:

"Republicans Believe The Darndest Things."

Check out panel #5....

eric zaetsch said...

That kind of thinking fits the recent mischief the Lame Duck resident is doing, which Clinton is jumping all over.

I don't see that as helpful for McCain. It seems to force him to an extreme position on contraception.

That's not as popular a thing with the church-right as howling about abortion.

What do you make of it? The coverage has been weak, is it all about morning after pill contraception? I thought one item said it was against IUD usage.

That's pretty extreme, other than worry over perforation and other IUD safety threats, it has become accepted, in general. It is a strange wedge issue, and a bit out of line for Bush to be instigating things like that unless McCain asked him to.