Friday, July 11, 2008

Newest Urdahl Mailer Filled With Distortions

I got the newest Dean Urdahl mailer yesterday. Nicely disguised as an official piece of legislative mail.

We'll have a couple of posts up later picking the piece apart, with some lovely screenshots as well.

Here's the teaser...

I swear this picture of Dean Urdahl was taken in Hutchinson where he was still a little agitated over his transportation bill flip flop. The scowl on his face and the finger pointing in my face bring back great memories.

"You don't have a clue what I do down in St Paul. My wife doesn't even understand what I do".

Arrogance like that cannot be rewarded!

His words, not mine...but I'll never forget the scowl and finger wag...

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eric zaetsch said...

The quote, out of context perhaps, makes him sound like Larry Craig. Now I am a little curious. What does he do?