Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Retroactive Immunity Question of the Day

Republicans love the "rule of law". John Kline ran some nasty campaign ads a few years ago on granting citizenship for illegal immigrants.

"John Kline believes those who play by the rules and follow our laws should be welcomed to America. But millions enter our country illegally, their first act, to break our laws."

Yet, telecom companies and other corporate entities that violate our nations laws are granted "retroactive immunity".

Wonderful. Here's the question of the day:

If illegal immigrants lined the pockets of these Republicans and spineless Democrats, would they get retroactive immunity or citizenship?

How can upholding the rule of law be so completely necessary when it comes to immigration, an issue the right tries to ram down the throats of working and middle class Americans? Especially that the right along with some Bluedog Democrats decide that the rule of law doesn't matter when telecom companies and other entities break the law and violate our citizens rights under the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.

It's very disappointing. The House passed this crappy bill a month ago and the Senate could have made some substantive changes to help America. Instead, they gave Bush what he wanted, a "signable FISA Bill".

Great job! Love it!

Can I get some retroactive immunity for an old speeding ticket please? How about for an old hospital bill?

Get to work Congress, millions of Americans need some retroactive immunity on their foreclosed homes and other domestic problems brought on by 8 years of Bush.

Frickin lovely....just lovely.

The government and our elected leaders ought to fear the people, instead of the people fearing the government.

Since the original FISA Bill came into full effect in 1980, 22,990 applications for warrants were made. In 16 years, only 5 warrants were not granted. The system was not broke.

We've lost accountability under President Bush and a Democratically controlled Congress simply rolled over and have allowed Americans to lose civil liberties.

It's incredible the lack of courage by many Democrats today and

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