Saturday, September 27, 2008

Barkley Rocks Annandale

I went to a Dean Barkley fundraiser at Russell's in Annandale last night. It was a very well attended event with at least 100 supporters awaiting Barkley's arrival last night.

Lawn signs were highly popular last night and I witnessed about a hundred go out the door last night. It was fun seeing Barkley signs along County Road 5 and other areas this morning.

Barkley addressed the crowd for about 20 minutes. Barkley touched on a plethora of topics, history of the Independence Party, a Ventura story or two, and some old time Annandale stories.

Most importantly, Barkley took on the myth that voting for a third party candidate is "throwing away a vote". Barkley pointed out that Congress has an approval rating of 17%, the vast majority of Minnesotans expressing a great deal of frustration with Congress. Electing Franken or reelecting Coleman will simply add to the problems that face this nation.

He stressed a principled approach to politics stressing the ability to "reach across the aisle" to get stuff done, stressing work he did in his 60 days in the US Senate back in 2002.

Barkley informed the crowd that next week, the campaign will unveil radio ads that feature himself and Jesse Ventura. The campaign is also working hard to bring television ads in late October.

The feel from the Annandale event is strikingly similar to the feeling I have gotten in conversations with co-workers and others I encounter on a daily basis.

Change is in the air. Norm Coleman and Al Franken are the status quo.

Dean Barkley will be the real change we need.

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