Monday, September 22, 2008

Brian Davis Proudly Celebrates Being 18% Behind Walz

Ollie over at BSP has a brilliant post on Brian Davis and the latest poll he commissioned.

What's even more awesome is what Davis (and the team parachuted in to save Davis) left out between his press release and the post on his official blog.

Ollie slaps Mike Spellings and the rest of the Davis clan...

Thus, the Davis campaign wants readers to believe that Davis, at 32% (below the generic Republican, who would get 39%) is within striking distance of Walz, who enjoys an 18% edge.

This feat of persuasion can only be accomplished by failing to post the actually numbers polled in the race. It's one of the tackiest edits we've seen. It speaks volumes about the mendacity of the Davis candidacy-- and of any blogger or journalist who pimps this drivel. And, yes, we've saved screen shots of the entire post.

Put a fork in this one, Brian Davis is done.

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