Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Question about Palingate 08

I'm by no means in CSI mode here, but I've looked at some photos of Bristol Palin lately and have a question.

Where is the engagement ring?

Will we see it tonight at the convention when the media pans to the Palin family and the future son in law?

Looking at AP photos from 8/31, while Palin's kids were getting off the "Straight Talk Express" you see Bristol getting off the bus carrying the Palin's infant son, but you cannot see any sort of engagement ring.

Just curious here, since the right loves to play the family values card at nearly every turn.

Will McCain spring for some bling?

I'll be anxiously watching tonight...


TwoPutt said...

Hope you don't mind, but:

I reposted in it's entirety, over at

Good eye, Blue Man!

dorkyteacher said...

Also - if this is a non issue as the McCain/Palin camp claim, why was Briston literally hiding her belly with Trig during Palin's 'coming out' last week? If it's no big deal, why not have her appear as she is - why hide it? That says a lot to me regarding the handling of this situation.

So much for 'abstinence only' sex ed. I get that things happen, but when you are a huge advocate for outlawing abortion and no sex before marriage, this is a big deal, and totally worthly of discussion. No one is ripping on Bristol for having pre-marital sex - LOTS of people do it, LOTS of pepole get preggers. But no one's mom is running for VP. Feels a bit like Palin is throwing her family under the bus (including her newborn) for her politial aspirations.