Saturday, September 06, 2008

Step Up! Help Ashwin Madia

MN Publius broke the story yesterday. The cash strapped NRCC is launching an attack ad on Ashwin Madia on Spetember 10th, in an effort to deflate the enormous success of Madia's first two televsion ads.
It looks as though this hasn’t been lost on the Republican National Congressional Committee as they’re rolling out at least a two week, $73K cable ad buy starting September 10th. Let me repeat that: the cash-strapped NRCC, with literally dozens of districts predicted to turn blue this fall, is rolling out a big ad buy September 10th. This is a full 20 days before the DCCC has said they’ll launch in the 3rd. This means two things: (1) The NRCC is scared out of their mind. They see Ash outperforming Paulsen by leaps and bounds, while Paulsen sits on his thumbs. (2) The NRCC has realized that if they sit on their thumbs as well any longer, Madia’s going to run away with it. We don’t know for sure, but odds are that the ad will be an attempt to bash Madia’s brains out. It may be a pro-Paulsen ad, but usually the NRCC attacks.

The DCCC will launch ads starting on September 30th...a full 20 days after the NRCC launches the attack. I can only imagine how bad a NRCC ad about Madia will be on September 11.

So, the time has come for us to step up. We proudly join MnBlue, MN Publius, Minnesota Campaign Report, and The Twin Cities Daily Liberal in working to raise money for Ashwin to counter the NRCC attacks.

Contribute here!

Act now and help Ashwin counter the NRCC attack machine, out to save Erik Paulsen's tail in CD 3.

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