Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tinklenberg Story in SC Times

On Elwyn's work to attract those in the "middle".
Tinklenberg is conservative enough to do well out here, said Rep. Larry Hosch, DFL-St. Joseph, who was campaigning with him Saturday.

“In my district, Obama is tolerable, Franken is toxic and Tinklenberg is pretty well received by those who know him,” Hosch said. “Of course, some people don’t know him yet.”

I agree with Rep Hosch, and that opinion is highly visible as you drive the county roads in Stearns, Wright, Meeker and Carver counties. I see a lot of Tinklenberg signage, a good deal of Obama signs, Sarvi was well represented as we travelled our way down to the Renaissance Festival, and Dean Barkley for US Senate signs are popping up daily. Franken signs are...well...rare out here.

He is toxic to DFL candidates in our area.

Tinklenberg will be spending a day out in our neck of the woods next weekend. We're looking forward to covering Elwyn's day out in western Wright County...maybe we'll be able to get a You Tube up!

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Miss Kate said...

I really hate seeing the stacked-up signs of Franken & Tinklenberg together, esp. in northern Anoka County (where I live) and along Hwy 10 in Elf River. I just keep thinking that if people associate him too much with Franken, that we will be stuck with Ol' Crazypants for another term. Gah!