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Barkley and Coleman on Ethics

Fact Check: Dean Barkley and Norm Coleman on Ethics

As a lobbyist, Barkley made no financial contributions to Minnesota state legislators; Norm Coleman, meanwhile, accepts cash from lobbyists and PACs

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Contact: Christopher Truscott

PLYMOUTH—The Dean Barkley for Senate campaign released the following statement following an attack by a leading Web-based supporter of Republican Sen. Norm Coleman:[1]

"If Sen. Coleman and his friends spent a little less time manufacturing outrage and a little more doing what's right for our country, this election would be no contest.

"It is true that in 2003, 2004 and 2005, Dean Barkley lobbied the Minnesota Legislature. He launched that career after entering the job market following his tenure in the U.S. Senate.

"As a lobbyist, Sen. Barkley never made a financial contribution to a member of the Legislature and he has not accepted any contributions from lobbyists or PACs as a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

"Meanwhile, Norm Coleman has taken more than $5.1 million from PACs[2] and about $60,000 from individual lobbyists.[3] It's also worth noting that in this election cycle alone he has accepted more than $58,000 from the gaming industry[4] and another $15,000 from the tobacco industry.[5]

"Given Norm Coleman's checkered history, there's something bizarre about his supporters picking a fight when it comes to ethics."

—Christopher Truscott, Barkley campaign spokesman

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Barkley, a 58-year-old Minnesota native, served as the director of the Minnesota Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning under Gov. Jesse Ventura. In November 2002, Ventura appointed Barkley to fill the final two months of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone's term.

The former governor said recently that Barkley is "measured minute by minute … the most effective U.S. senator in Minnesota history."

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