Thursday, October 16, 2008

ECM Covers Barkley

Another good story on Senator Dean Barkley.
But while sharing political views, Ventura and he separated on personality traits, Barkley explained. “Our styles are completely opposite — I wish I could get people excited as quickly as Jesse Ventura,” he said. But that’s just not my personality. I’m more of a quiet, conciliatory, work behind the scenes, gets things done type of person,” said Barkley.

Still Barkley, 58, is hardly colorless.

He styled one of his comebacks during a recent U.S. Senate debate as hitting Coleman between the gonads and recharged himself the day after the debate by lighting up a cigar and taking a walk around Medicine Lake. Barkley referred to the North Metro as the “Ventura Bible Belt.” “It’s just not the northern suburbans, but that’s a huge part of it,” said Barkley who views the independent heartland as girdling the Twin Cities.

People there worry about jobs, about getting their kids through college, about having enough left at the end of the week for a six-pack, opined Barkley.

From belt of normal people

“That’s where I grew up — Annandale,” said Barkley. “I’m from that belt of normal people,” he said. It’s critical to his success, Barkley explained.

Ventura appointed Barkley to the U.S. Senate after the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone in October of 2002 and he served out the closing months of the Wellstone term.

Barkley views his brief tenure as successful. And symbolic.

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