Thursday, October 16, 2008

Erik Paulsen is a Chickenhawk

Vote Vets came out to defend Ashwin Madia, in the meantime, they took Congressman John Kline and Chickenhawk Erik Paulsen down a few notches.

WASHINGTON – The largest group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans,, today blasted Erik Paulsen for hiding behind a Congressman to launch smears against Marine and war veteran Ashwin Madia.

This week, Congressman John Kline hurled a smear – accusing Madia of “exploiting” Marines in a new campaign ad, which uses widely available stock footage of Marines to visually reinforce Madia’s service. Kline is from another Congressional district, while Madia’s opponent, Paulsen, never served in the military.

“Shame on Erik Paulsen for using others to hurl baseless smears against an honorable war veteran, and not having the guts to do it on his own,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of “Ashwin has every right to be proud of his service to the Marines, and hold that experience close to his heart. And, he has every right to highlight for voters how that experience has shaped his views and values.”

“If Erik Paulsen has a problem with Ashwin’s service to the Marines and to America, then he should be man enough to say it himself. And, if he can’t do that, people need to ask whether or not Erik Paulsen is strong enough to talk straight with his constituents,” Soltz added. PAC’s primary goal is to help elect those Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans running for public office, and defeat those whose views and records are not in line with the best interest of veterans and troops. The group has endorsed Ashwin Madia for Congress.

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What do you know about the opening sentence, here:

Has it happened? Is it conjecture?

Is he correct about the Blue Dogs likely to be the problem, next Congress???