Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fire Childress!

That was the worst Vikings game I have ever seen...and they won!


eric zaetsch said...

That was not the worse Viking game you've seen, unless you missed or can forget Dennis Green's postseason thumping by the Giants; 41 - 0 [or did the Kerry Collins led Giants score more?].

The Monday night game - the camera work and the three talking idiots and the even greater than usual amount of ads for beer, vehicles, PC vs Apple, pitching other network programming, etc. - it got so bad I quit that one while they were trailing, third quarter.

Childress did find Tomlin, Pittsburgh hired him away, but these Vikings still can play defense. How many times under Dennis Green could you say it was the defense that won the game.

Yes, the offensive play calling is unimaginatively awful. Can Peterson catch - Taylor and Peterson in the backfield, send one in motion, etc.

Too bad the Farve saga did not end with him in purple. He could have maximized even this offense. And he's able to run when the pass protection is bad and still make an accurate throw.

Blue man said...

I was deployed during 41-0, never saw it, got the Strib sports page a week later in the mail from my mom.

I say it was the worst game I ever witnessed because we should have beaten the Lions by 30. It was a pathetic performance.