Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Franken Clueless on Social Security

Both Franken and Senator Coleman dodged the question in Saturday's debate.

Coleman wants another bi-partisan commission...

Franken doesn't think there needs to be anything done during his six year term as Senator...
Franken told reporters Monday that he did not think anything needed to be done with Social Security in the six-year term the Minnesota senator would serve.

Now that's political courage! We don't need to work on it during my term, we'll let future Senators work on it!

Barkley offered solutions.
Barkley, at a debate Saturday in Golden Valley, said solutions are available but people have to have the political will to enact them. He said the tax can be raised, the retirement age can be raised, the cap of how much the government taxes can be raised or the benefits can be means-tested.

“But if we accept the hard truths about entitlements and their funding, there’s no reason in the world we can’t save these programs. We don’t need another ‘Blue Ribbon Commission’ to study this issue again,” Barkley said in a statement issued Monday.

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