Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is a vote for a third party candidate a wasted vote?

A letter in the Worthington Daily Globe
In the recent Senatorial debate on KARE11, the question was asked — what would you do to fix the coming crisis in funding for Social Security? Senator Coleman said that he would form a study group to seek the answer. Mr. Franken said that social security was OK for a while, and he wouldn’t change anything.

Senator Barkley said that we had already had enough studies, including one Congressman Tim Penny participated in, which came up with a few workable but tough solutions. We need to raise Social Security taxes, increase the eligible age, limit the amount of Social Security a wealthy person would receive, or a combination of these ideas.

I think the next Congress should have the courage to fix this problem, and that Dean Barkley is the best person to face the difficult problems that face our country — especially as he doesn’t have to “toe the party line” and can truly do what is best for our country. So yes, let’s really vote for a change in Washington by returning Sen. Barkley to the Senate. Also, a vote for Barkley says no to all the ads that both the other parties have run and show that outside money can’t buy a Minnesota Senate seat.

Someone's paying attention, Dennis gets a gold star!

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