Thursday, October 30, 2008

John Kline Exposed (Updated)

I've spent some time over the past few weeks working with folks down in CD 2 on a John Kline exposed/greatest hits post.

If you'd like to send more of his greatest hits, simply reply to this post. Otherwise, here's a quick snapshot of some of John Klines "greatest hits". Leadership and courage at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

Talking to several Veterans buddies who have tried to work with John Kline:

During the race against Colleen Rowley, Kline was overheard the finals days of the campaign saying he had the endorsement of the Diabled American Veterans. This was a bold faced lie by John Kline, DAV does not endorse candidates.

DAV sends groups to Washington to lobby members of Congress on important Veterans issues. While Kline met with Veterans in 04, 05, and o6, he blew off the Minnesota delegation in 2007, saying he was too busy to meet with the decorated Veterans.

Kline's voting record according to the DAV? Not very good, especially for a Vietnam Veteran.

In 2004 and 2005 he was rated 0. Zero!

He also only supported the interests of the Vietnam Veterans of America 50% of the time in 2003-04, but the National Retail Asscoation recieved 100% support from John Kline.

John Kline's record on Veterans issues is simply unacceptable and esspecially troubling since Kine is a Veteran himself.

Kline refuses to work in a bi-partisan manner on Veterans issues. He told the leader of a local veterans’ group, who had presented Kline with a number of bills his group wanted support for, “These are all Democrat bills, and I do not support Democrat-authored bills.”

*Update* A concerned Veteran forwarded me this video. John Kline snubs a Veterans forum. He also blew off Veterans forums in Goodhue County and at the Zumbrota VFW too.

On oil and the environment:

In response to a parade-goer in Eagan, a gentleman encouraged Kline to get out of Iraq , Kline responded, “Don’t you want oil?”

And lets recall the John Kline energy tour this past July, the one where he refused to meet with any constituents again.


And what about Congressman Kline's lack of townhall meetings? Why won't he meet with constituents?

Probably because he got tripped up by this college student the last time he let common folk like us talk to him.

He doesn’t hold town hall meetings because he’s said they’re “too political,” and because “20 people in the district have this notion that it is my job to provide them with a venue just to protest."

He's no Jed Bartlett, that's for sure.

Kline even has a bit of time to display his "compassionate conservatism"!

He told the mother of a kid with cancer, that “hundreds of people a year try and parade their sick kids in front of me for money.”

So, while Norm Coleman uses them for political gain, John Kline just spits in their face and tells them to "move along now"

Sorry, but that's just sickening.

So, anyone else have any good John Kline stories? Post them in the comments or shoot them to me in email!

We support Steve Sarvi for many reasons and cannot afford to remain silent about John Kline's record and demeanor as a Congressman.

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TwoPutt said...

Well, I'm no fan of John Kline. While I have nothing but respect for the time John Kline wore the uniform of a United States Marine, I have nothing but contempt for John Kline's time in Congress.

Here's a recent blogpost about John Kline's disgusting attempt to politicize a "thank you" letter from the Paralyzed Veterans Of America: