Tuesday, October 14, 2008

John Kline's In Over His Head...

Congressman John Kline came out earlier today, in a pathetic effort to save Erik Paulsen, and attacked Ashwin Madia's use footage of a Marine Corp ceremonial unit in his ad "Discipline".

First of all, I don't see a problem with it. Madia is a Marine. He served his nation honorably in Iraq. Paulsen can't compete with Madia on the issues, so he and his surrogates have to attack him.

But what makes this more interesting, is that Kline used military "props" in one of his ads too!

OMG! John Kline showed the nuclear football in a political ad? Al Queda knows what the nuclear football looks like! OMG, talk about conduct unbecoming of an officer!

Yeah...um, John Kline needs to remove the stick from his ass and get over this...quickly enough to continue being outworked by Steve Sarvi.

Just a thought...from a Veteran!


TwoPutt said...

BlueMan, John Kline's hypocrisy really makes this story reek.

eric zaetsch said...

Here, Kline shows class - It was an RNCC attack piece, not Kline's own mailing, directly, but, hey, this kind of "Good Morning, Little School Girl" stuff is coarse and Bill Luther was a prosecutor before going to Congress, not soft on crime, sending criminals to jail.