Sunday, October 19, 2008

SC Times LTE: Barkley will give us change we need

A short SC Times LTE on Senator Dean Barkley
We have finally got what we elected.

Do you remember the hot topic a couple of year ago — term limits? Well it has come home to roost for not following up!

Whether you are Democrat, Republican or Independent you better look very closely at whom you have been electing. Funding for campaigns has poisoned the system. We must start with a $100 public voucher to be used by citizens to choose who the citizen supports. Absolutely no fundraising from outside resources! This is the only sure remedy for this cancer on the system.

When will you look at what has happened in a few weeks, will you not stop supporting this system? Will the collapse of the money system not do it for you?

Recent events are very large concern to me! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she wanted to nationalize the oil companies and the government could run them! Shocked?

Well the government wants to nationalize the banking system by investing into private business! How about now? These are the same ideologies of socialism and Marxism.

Are you scared? It happening and you sit silent! It is time to start a revolution! Not with guns, but with your vote while it still has value! That is why I am supporting Sen. Dean Barkley, my lifelong friend and a man with real hopes for change. It is a vote for hope!

I don't necessarily agree with everything stated by the author, but I do believe that Dean Barkley is the candidate best positioned to bring about change in our US Senate race.

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