Saturday, November 29, 2008

A year later...

It was a year ago today that I got the call we all dread, the call that a close friend had just passed away.

Jared Stene passed away a year ago today. His death was felt across all college campuses in the state. Jared was a strong advocate of higher education and had done some very important work on the rising cost of college textbooks.

We all have our memories of Jared. Whether being a proud member of the Society of the Crown, watching his antics at conferences, his penchant for putting things "on notice", and his interesting artwork, we all miss him dearly.

Jared supported my State Senate campaign back in 2006. He came out on numerous occasions to door knock and to work parades. The Dassel parade and the fun around it is a source of great memories.

Jared seemed a bit nervous. Instead of wearing the "Kimball for Senate" shirt, Jared wanted to wear his DFL shirt with a donkey on it, a shirt that said "Smart Ass", but seemed apprehensive because,'s a pretty conservative area.

It was also the weekend of my birthday, so we all went and hung out in Annandale that night. Jared, Nolan, Ryan, Dana, Kristen, Dori and I went and hung out at Tootsies in Annandale, where I witnessed one of the funniest sights I have ever seen. Jared and Nolan knew every word to "My Humps" with Jared dancing at the table as they were singing it.

I wish I had a video camera back was epic.

Jared had a significant impact in our lives. When Dori and I get together with old MSUSA friends, a Jared story is always told, although I am beginning to wonder if the stories aren't being exaggerated a bit now...I'm not sure that Jared and the Winona Senate actually paddled the Potomac back in the day, but I could be wrong.

Jared's legacy lives on.

The Board of Directors with the Minnesota State University Student Association has created a new scholarship to honor Jared and his passion for higher education advocacy.

The Jared Paul Stene Student Leadership Scholarship is a way to honor the phenomenal accomplishments Jared had, and to carry forward Jared’s belief in opportunity for all who wished to pursue higher education. This scholarship will be awarded to students who share Jared’s leadership and passion for student advocacy. The financial support will assist students in continuing to lead others at a time when tuition continues to rise.

In light of a significant budget shortfall this year, we've heard estimates between $4-6 billion, scholarships such as this are important in working to keep higher education accessible and affordable for working and middle class Minnesota families.

I encourage readers to donate to the scholarship.

Jared would be a bit disappointed in some recent developments in my life. No, not the recent wedding, but our recent purchase of Guitar Hero. Jared had this rant about Guitar Hero a few years ago.

Quite possibly the dumbest game ever created by mankind would be Guitar Hero.
Sorry to be the one to break the news to you but you can not apply the skills you "learn" in guitar hero to anything practical in the real world. Here's a novel idea, how about you learn to play a real guitar?! Because that would be too stimulating and challenging....

So you think you can impress the ladies with your mad guitar hero skills? No, its quite ridiculous sitting there thinking you're "in the band" trying to attempt Smoke on the Water for the 3rd time in the row because you can't press two buttons when the TV tells you too. Monkeys trained by the Soviets that were used in early space flights can most likely kick your ass in guitar hero, if not be able to play at the same level as anyone else.

So please spare us all the horrible rendition of Carry on My Wayward Son and just do something practical and less ridiculous looking.

Jared would definitely put "Rock Band" on notice! And last but not least, the famous "on notice" list!

These are all the things that are "on notice" with me, which means they better change or get their act straight before something bad goes down, and we don't want that now.
On Notice:
-City of Lake City
-Rochester Post Bulletin Reader Comments (
-David Hasselhoff
-People who drive motorized tricycles
-Woodbury mom's who let their four year old kids order their own food at Noodles and Company
-People who haven't seen the 1986 blockbuster hit Top Gun starring Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards, Kelly McGillis, and Val Kilmer.
-Anti-Mocha people
-Ladies who run around 4th St. in front of Bub's in Winona and yell at their dog Rufus
-The popular 1990's boy band New Kids on the Block
-MySpace bulletin surveys
-Seagull in front of Kryzsko Commons, Winona State University
-The new Coke display fridge at Mugby Junction on Huff St.

We'll add those that refer to hotdish as casserole.

It will always be hotdish...

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Nolan said...

Let us not forget the 'Dille Pickle' lit piece that was concocted in Dori's apartment the night the Sheriff busted in.