Thursday, January 15, 2009

MIchele Bachmann is a Liar

Not that this is breaking news or anything, but the Congresswoman flat out lied on Fox and Friends.

One of Bachmann's erroneous claims: "I read one story that said in 28 precincts there were more votes than voters".

Recall that we talked about this rumor about a week ago, although over the past week, Congresswoman Bachmann has grown this myth by 3 precincts.

We thought those numbers seem pretty fishy at the time. I have a hard time believing that the Secretary of State and the State Canvassing Board would let something like that fly.

They didn't and Flash had the scoop last week on what really happened.
Of the few nits that Senator Coleman is going to pick in his election contest, the ONLY one that has caught my eye is the charge of duplicate counting, specifically with regard to more votes than voters. Only ONE precinct in the entire state, has more votes cast, than voters signed in on the rolls.

I had to dig around, at first, to find info on the only precinct whose numbers seemed very screwy. I found this article from early December that talks about the tumult in that precinct. A machine malfunction that snow balled due to human error.

The Machine malfunction causes 171 ballots to not get counted that night because there were never rerun through the machine after a counter was fixed.
Seems like a pretty plausible explanation to me.

The Big E has the scoop
on Bachmann's other ludicrous statements during the interview as well...

So, can any of Bachmann's supporters or the Congresswoman herself please show us the 25 or 28 Minnesota precincts where more votes were counted than voters registered?

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