Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Obama Protest

In all my time at SCSU, I never actually went to Anti-Bush protest. We protested the war in Iraq, and were mocked by the righties.

Looks like the righties at SCSU don't have anything better to do, so their going to waste their day on the Atwood Mall.
An offshoot of Ron Paul's presidential campaign will sponsor a rally today on the St. Cloud State University campus. The rally questions whether President-elect Barack Obama offers any real change for America.

The St. Cloud State chapter of Young Americans for Liberty event will be from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. today in Atwood Memorial Center. Members will distribute fliers, hand out pocket Constitutions and talk to students about Obama's policies, according to a news release from YAL.

The event is titled Real Change Requires R3volution and will focus on how Obama's policies don't offer change but continue U.S. foreign policy and increase the budget and the size of government, said Sam Swedberg, president of the YAL chapter at St. Cloud State.

YAL is a continuation of Paul's youth campaign, which organizers said has attracted more than 26,000 student members.
Will they inflate their numbers for the rally?


eric zaetsch said...

I thought Atwood Mall was a character in an Agatha Cristie novel.

eric zaetsch said...

"Real Change Requires Revolution"?

Taking it to the streets? To the mall? Little red Mao books optional?

Do you suppose they will want to pickle Ron Paul once he croaks, and keep him on display in some public square? Revolution, indeed.